Banner Printing Service

Flex printing : two types of flex comes in indian market one is normal flex which some people call chiness flex and second is star flex. Star Flex came with hot lamination on it thats why when we print it that gives glows effect and look good

Normal Flex is used at shops or in standies at events.

Star Flex is Much higher quality Flex then Normal Flex which reflects teh light and gives a lustre Appearance when viewed.

Star Backlit FLex is same as Star Flex , It’s Cheaper than Star Flex ,although the prices in market are same for all the naive People.

Back Lit Flexes are used in Glow Sign Boards that are used in Nights for the Vision.

Vinyl Is a special type of flex , which Contains humid gum n the back side , which makes it easily get pasted on Glasses , Walls etc.

One-way vision is used on Glasses of Offices in the Cabins etc.

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